Cloud Project

Working in a collaborative visual editing environment.

Stackbit provides hosted editing environment to enable content editors and developers to collaborate on the same project.

Cloud projects are a containerized visual editing experience. A container runs Stackbit's editing application, but also handles staying in sync with your remote repository and running your site (in development).

Cloud vs Local Development

There are a few primary difference when comparing cloud projects to working locally:

  • In local development, you are responsible for running your development server. In a cloud project, the container runs your development server on your behalf.
  • Stackbit implements webhooks into the Git provider so that the container can pull in changes pushed to the project's working branch.
  • Any branch can be used when working locally, since Stackbit doesn't listen for remote Git changes. In a cloud project, you must choose a working branch (preview is the default).

Detailed Guides

There are a number of features that are specific to cloud projects. Find more information in the guides below.