Stackbit Version: ~0.2.0

Stackbit Crane

Uniform Themes

Stackbit supports using your own custom themes, no matter what static site generator they were built for. This enables you to go from a theme to a fully deployed website that is wired up to a headless CMS of your choice with just a few clicks.

This section covers the requirements for a custom theme to be used with Stackbit, how to create the stackbit.yaml to define content models and several examples.

Example Uniform Themes

Examples of themes built on different static site generators. Each theme contains a stackbit.yaml file.

Create With Stackbit Button

Grab markup for the "Create With Stackbit" button which enables you, your users or your company to easily create new CMS-powered websites from your themes with a click.


Learn how to use Unibit to build a custom theme which can be converted into other static site generators.


A list of tutorials.