Content Source Connection Errors

Troubleshooting steps when seeing connection errors to content sources.

When you are seeing an issue with content not loading or have received an error about connection issues with the CMS source, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try.

Environment Variables

When using the contentSources property to configure your content source, you are often required to use environment variables. Check that:

  • The environment variables you're specifying in the code resolve to the expected value.
  • You're using all required variables and options for that particular content source.

You can refer to the configuration guide within the appropriate integration section for a reference on how to configure that particular source.

Custom Sources

If using a custom or experimental content source, contact us with details if you are having connection issues.

Application Connections

Working with an external content source requires that you establish an authentication connection to be able to edit content.

You can confirm that the connection is established in your account settings.

Stackbit Third-Party Account Connections
Stackbit Third-Party Account Connections

Mismatched Users

Some external content providers require that the writable API key match to the user account that is connected via Stackbit.

If there is a possibility these are mismatched, disconnect and reconnect the account.