Stackbit offers support for form submissions with your site. This feature is currently limited to emailing results as they are received.

Choosing a Provider

If you'd like to move beyond that, the first step is to pick a service that you'd like to use. There are a lot out there. Some popular options include:

But there are many, many more. Here are a few more options.

Integrating with Stackbit

The exact implementation details will vary depending on the service provider you're working with. However, in most cases, the process will look generically like this:

  1. Setup form with the provider.
  2. Add and style a new form component. The model for the form is where you'd include options to pinpoint a specific form from the provider.

Using Stackbit's Forms with Third Party

Instead of fully integrating as suggested above, you can also choose a hybrid approach in which you use Stackbit's forms, but customize the submission method. Learn more about this process.