You've already made a handful of changes since starting this project. Let's publish these changes to your live site.

The publishing flow

Each change you make with Stackbit is represented as a single git commit that is pushed to a preview branch on GitHub.

When you publish changes, Stackbit merges the preview branch into your default branch (e.g. main). This merge triggers a build of the live site.

Click the Publish button at the top right cornder of the screen. In the dialog that opens you can review pending changes, and then click Publish pending changes to start publishing.

Building and deploying the live website can take a few minutes. When this process completes, you can click on the link to your live website (that has the globe icon next to it) to visit it.

Publish Menu

Viewing Deploy Logs

While the site is building, you can check on its progress by viewing the logs. If publishing fails for any reason, relevant errors would appear in the log.

The logs are also always available from a button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Logs Trigger

Pre-publish checks

Publishing can be stressful: did I screw up the content in any way? did I miss some issue or typo?

Fortunately, Stackbit has a couple of pre-publish mechanisms to provide more confidence when deploying to production. These features are triggered from the eye and share icons right next to the publish button.

Preview on different device sizes to make sure your website looks good on a few common screen sizes.

Preview Mode

Share a preview link to let anyone preview your work. Anyone using the link can also switch between screen sizes to visually review how it looks like.

Preview Link Location

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