Now that the site is live, let's make a few quick changes that will immediately make it feel like our own. We'll begin with global styling.

Adjust global styles

The left sidebar contains a Style Editor. This is where you can make global style adjustments to your site.

Style Editor Trigger

Start by defining a unique color palette. Here are the colors we're using in the example:

  • Light: #1dee1a
  • Primary: #ff2f45
  • Secondary: #717279

Here's the effect on your homepage:

Style Editor Panel

A good next step is to add your logo. If you don't have a logo to add, you can use the Stackbit logo (right-click to save this SVG file):

To set the image, click the Page icon in the left sidebar to go back to visual page editing, then hover over and click the current logo image:

Page Editor

If your logo image already includes the site name (as is the case with the Stackbit logo), it makes sense to remove the text that's to its right.

To do that, click on the text element, and in the content panel to the left set the Display title to Off:

Hide Site Title

Here's how your page looks like now:

After branding

Next Step: 3. Editing Content