In this tutorial we'll build a real website. Within about a minute, we'll have a live site that you'll be working with!

It will look like this at first:

Website Starting Point

After a few lessons, though, it will start to feel pretty different.

Getting comfortable is the focus

The purpose of this tutorial is to get you comfortable working within Stackbit.

It is designed to be worked sequentially — each lesson will build on the previous. As a follow up, there's a series of how-to guides to help you through individual scenarios as you build your site.

This tutorial has something for almost everyone working with Stackbit:

For Content Creators

We will write some code in this tutorial, but not much, and not until Lesson 7. If you aren't technical, you can still make your way through most of the lessons.

For New & Light Developers

If you are a newer developer, or someone who says, "I'm not a developer, I just hack my way through code," then this is the perfect place to start. This process is mostly visual, but will have just enough code near the end for you to get comfortable.

For the Seasoned Developer

If you have been building websites for years, you can certainly skim the tutorial, but you may not be better off exploring the conceptual guides to better understand how Stackbit works.

Before we get started, one ask: have a little fun along the way.

Next Step: 1. Creating a Site