Ongoing Development

Next steps after completing a getting started tutorial.

🎉 Congratulations!! 🎉 You've made it through the tutorial.

You've gotten a quick look at many of the core concepts and basics of Stackbit. The sections below provide suggestions on how to continue your journey with Stackbit, followed by useful resources to keep close at hand along the way.

Using Stackbit with a "Real" Website

The lessons and exercises in the tutorial were designed to get you comfortable with Stackbit. Now it's time to take what you've learned and apply it to the real world.

Bring Stackbit into Your Project

If you have an existing project, go back to the beginning of the tutorial and follow similar steps to bring Stackbit into your project.

And remember, if you're not working with one of the common content sources or frameworks that we support, talk with an expert to discuss your options.

Start Fresh with our Starter Projects

While you could keep going with the example project, we have additional starters that are already equipped with additional Stackbit features.

Start a new project with a Stackbit starter, like our minimal Next.js starter. Or run npx create-stackbit-app@latest --help for a full list of available start projects.

Create Stackbit Cloud Project

This tutorial did not cover creating a Stackbit cloud project from your local project. You can think of this as deploying your editing experience to production. Do this when you're ready to introduce content editors (collaborators) to the editing experience you've created.

Learn more about creating a Stackbit cloud project.

Further Learning

If you want to keep learning or assessing Stackbit before applying to a real web project, we have more for you to explore.

Explore Application Features

There are a number of application features and common use cases that were not covered in the tutorial. Explore our how-to- guides.

Go Deeper in Core Concepts

You can also dig deeper on Stackbit's core concepts. Begin with How Stackbit Works, and then move onto other concepts.

Technical Documentation

Stackbit is constantly becoming more open and configurable. Refer to our technical references for detailed usage instructions for various features.

Additional Resources

While you work through your next steps, keep these handy resources close.

Community, Support, and Help

Join the community for ongoing support and a way to showcase what you've built with other Stackbit users.

Talk with an Expert

You can also talk with an expert if you get stuck or have questions along your journey.