This guide is based on the current version of Stackbit's supported themes. It may not be relevant if you are working against an older theme or if a developer adjusted how this process works for your site.

Changing the favicon is done through the CMS:

  1. Select CMS from the sidebar to open the CMS editor.
  2. Choose Site Configuration.
  3. Click on the Site configuration object.
  4. Click the Change button in the Favicon field and add or replace the image.

Favicon Specifications

Regardless of the format, your favicon should be a square image.

Our themes use an SVG file for our favicon. This is the most versatile, though it is not fully supported by all major browsers. Read more here. If you know how to create SVG files and are comfortable with the browser support, we recommend using an SVG.

The next best solution is to use a square PNG file. This should be at least 48x48 but can be larger. Here is more detail on favicon sizes, with links to dig in deeper.