Collaboration: Previewing & Sharing

Invite others to view, edit, and publish changes to your site.

Many websites aren't just built by a single person, but come from collaboration of multiple people playing different roles on the project. Stackbit is built to handle collaboration, even if all you want to do is send someone a preview of changes before they go live.

Sharing the Live Site URL

The live site URL is available on the publish menu. This site is publicly available and can be shared as needed.

This is your live site. Changes made in Stackbit will not be available at this URL until you've published them.
Live Site URL
Live Site URL

Previewing Your Site

With Stackbit, you're always in a preview state. But you can make the preview window larger by clicking the eye icon in the top right (next to the publish button).

This mode enables you to view the site in different sizes. These sizes will stick when exiting preview mode as well.

See the video below for a quick look at preview mode.

Sharing Preview

All users on the project can copy a link to the preview by opening the collaboration menu. This URL contains a key that enables anyone with it to view a preview of your site.

Collaboration Menu
Collaboration Menu

Inviting Collaborators

You can invite collaborators to view, edit, and publish change to your site. Use the collaboration menu to invite users by email.

Collaboration Menu
Collaboration Menu

Collaborator Roles & Permissions

Available roles are determined by the site's pricing plan. See below for more information.

There are four possible roles when inviting someone to collaborate:

  • Viewer: View (read) access only
  • Editor: Edit access, can't publish content changes
  • Publisher: Edit and publish content changes, but not code changes; can't invite collaborators unless also an admin in the organization
  • Developer: Edit and publish content and code; can also invite collaborators and manage project settings (integrations, publishing workflows setup, etc.)

Custom roles are available to customers in the Enterprise tier.

Note that these permissions are specific to the Stackbit application. Permissions may differ in other environments in which your code is available (e.g. GitHub).

Here is a list of roles available to sites based on the pricing plan for that site.

  • Personal (free): Viewer
  • Team: Viewer, Developer
  • Business: Viewer, Editor, Publisher, Developer
  • Enterprise: All roles, plus support for additional roles. Contact us for more information.