After creating a new project, before you even get to adding your own content, you can quickly help a site feel like your own by introducing changes that bring your brand to life.


Here is an example that shows the branding process in action.

While the specifics may vary depending on your project and the theme you selected, usually this process involves the following:

  • Setting the Logo
  • Adding brand colors
  • Choosing a typeface
  • Adjusting other global styles (e.g. buttons)

With a few quick clicks, you can turn a starting theme into something that is uniquely yours. The image below shows the same content before and after branding adjustments. Notice how, though they have the same content and structure, they feel slightly different.

Branding before and after

Setting the logo is like specifying any other piece of content on a page in your site. You can use the visual editor to highlight the logo image and choose a new logo.

Editing Global Styles

Globally-editable styles can be edited from the Styles tab in the sidebar menu. The site's code dictates what is available here and how that affects what is rendered on the site.

Stackbit themes come pre-baked with a handful of global styles. And see the demo for the global styles in action.

Your developer(s) can adjust the available global styles and how they behave. See the global styles guide for more information on this process.