Stackbit sites come with a flexible form component that will send responses to you via email. Here is some basic information on working with Stackbit forms. Learn more about how Stackbit forms work.

Adding a Form Component

In most Stackbit sites, forms are generally treated as block components, which means they are not added directly to pages, but are available through section components. For example, in our Starter theme, both the Hero and Contact sections provide a form component.

If you want to take it for a spin, create a new site with the Starter theme. Then add a Contact section to a page.

Starter Theme - New Contact Section

Configuring Form Fields

When you drill into the Form controls, you'll notice you have a listing of fields. This is where you can add and remove fields to your form. We support several basic field types by default.

Starter Theme - Form Block

If you need more fields, or if you want to add the form to another section-level component, you (or your developer) have the flexibility to add or extend components.

Receiving Form Submissions

To receive form submissions, go into the form editor's Settings group, and enter an email address. A summary of new submissions will be emailed to that address.

Form Submission Email

Note that form submissions do not currently work while previewing your site in Stackbit. You must view your live site. Learn more about publishing.

Back-End Customizations & Third-Party Services

There's a lot more you can do with Stackbit's forms by adding a little code. Here are a few technical guides that may help further customize your form: