Publishing changes

All changes you perform via the UI, whether these are content editing or code modifications in the built-in code editor, are committed into the preview branch of you project's Git repository. When you hit "Publish", these changes are merged into the main branch.

Publishing and deploying changes

In the free plan, publishing merges all pending changes at once. In our paid plans, you have several options for publishing only specific content or scheduling the publishing to a later time.

Merging changes into Git, in itself, is not what makes your changes go live in your public website. This is handled by your hosting service, which we provide by default for all projects. Read on below for more.

When Connected to CMS

If you're using our premium plan and have an external CMS connected, publishing from our visual editor will not only merge any code changes to main (if any), but also publish the selected content items in the CMS.

In such a setup, it is common that publishing content in the CMS is what triggers updates to the production website. When the site is then rebuilt, it will be based on the updated content from CMS and the up-to-date code from the project repository.

Deploying to the Live Website

Any project you create with Stackbit automatically gets deployed to a global edge network, from which an optimized build of the website is served at full speed.

The domain name of your project is "<project name>-<random string>". On paid plans, you can also connect your own subdomain to this default site.

When you hit the Publish button, the UI will track the build and deployment status of your default live website, and notify you when all changes are live - or if there's any problem.

You can of course host the website yourself, and there are many ways to do so. To learn more, see Deployment Options.

Next up: wrapping up this guide with some recommended reading.