Stackbit themes come with a composable form component and an accompanying submission mechanism.

Form Submission Flow

The default form submission process works like this:

Stackbit Forms Flow

The form component has a property called action which is set on each form component. This is the URL pointing a serverless function responsible for submitting the form data to the appropriate location and responding to the front end.

Stackbit's default submission function passes this data onto Stackbit's API, which sends an email notification containing the data from the submission. The email address it uses for the notification is also set individually on each form.

The submission process can also be customized to your liking. See these guides for help with that process.

The Form Component

Just like any other component, you can customize the form component to your liking. Learn more about extending components.

Submission URL and Email Notification

The values for submission URL and email notification destination can be found in each form's settings group. Note that there is a default value for the submission URL, but not for the email notification. If the destination is not filled out, form data will not be submitted properly.

Form Settings

Adding a Form to Your Site

Follow this guide to add a form to your site. Or see the developer form guides for customizing form appearance and behavior.